What Life In Elon Musk’s Trusted Mars Settlement Will Be Like

What Life In Elon Musk’s Trusted Mars Settlement Will Be Like
So the basic idea for transporting people and goods to Mars is relatively straightforward, and we say that merely because Elon Musk and SpaceX have already figured it out. We’ll be taking the SpaceX starship to travel from Earth to Mars.
It’s a massive stainless steel spaceship that can take off from a planet, travel into space, and return to Earth undamaged. It can do this again with only a short break for refueling in between trips. This is a real game changer because no rocket like it has ever been successfully developed before. The spaceship will serve as a ferry between Earth and Mars.

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – How Will Elon Musk Transport People to Mars?
1:25 – What Would Life On Mars Be Like?
2:18 – Dust Storms On Mars
3:51 – Why Should Mars be Destroyed?
5:25 – Life Under A Dome On Mars
5:54 – 3-D Printed Eggs as Mars Habitats
7:15 – How to Power a Mars Colony


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