The World’s Most Unavoidable Carcinogen

This week Reactions is talking about the science of the most unavoidable carcinogen–the sun. There’s some vibrant chemistry that happens between your skin and the sun rays. Out in the open air on a beautiful summer day, most people don’t realize that they’re bathing in the world’s most common carcinogen – the sun’s rays. Ultra violet (UV) rays to be exact. Let’s take a look at how UV rays affect your body, and the sorts of built-in chemical defense systems you’re working with to stop any potential damage.

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Kirk Zamieroski

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Adam Dylewski

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Frankie Wood-Black, Ph.D.
Darcy Gentleman, Ph.D.

Smidi – Like That
Sam Leopard – Je Trace Ma Route

UV Rays and carcinogenic light –

Broad Spectrum Breakdown –

General UV/sunlight –

UV Index –

How UV Affects DNA-

Melanin –

Types of Melanin –

Skin Cancer in African Americans –

UV radiation and cancer effects

DNA Bulge –

How UV Radtion Effects Life On Earth –

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