The Simple Genius of a Prefabricated House – My Net Zero Home Build

The Simple Genius of a Prefabricated House – My Net Zero Home Build. Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code UNDECIDED for 85% off and 3 extra months for FREE! I’m in the process of building a new energy efficient, net zero, modular home to passive house standards, that’s being built in a factory. Why did I choose this path versus one of the many other sustainable and energy efficient methods like stick built passive homes, ICF, earthships, etc. (fill in your favorite technique)? There’s no one right way to do this, but I think the best way to walk through why I went the path I did is to show you how Unity Homes builds their houses. This may spur ideas for yourself. I had the chance to see my house’s panelized walls getting built in the factory, and to say it was cool would be an understatement. After seeing this, you might see why factory building energy efficient homes and buildings might be a good path for the future.

Watch My Biggest Regret Building a Net Zero Home

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