The SECRET Reason Tesla Developed The Giga Press!

The SECRET Reason Tesla Developed The Giga Press!
Tesla’s current secret weapon for manufacturing superiority in electric vehicles is the Giga Press.
The gigapress is essentially a die-casting machine.
Casting is used to form critical components such as engine blocks and transmission casings, but it has never been used to create a large structural section of a vehicle frame.
The Giga Press is a big deal, and the reason is found at the end of this video!

0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Why Did Tesla Install The Giga Press?
1:22 – Giga Press Too Big For Giga Factory?
4:26 – Problems With This Giga Press Process?
6:13 – How Effective Is Tesla’s Giga Press?
7:45 – How Much Better Is The Die-Casting Machine?
8:52 – The Ultimate Benefit of Giga Press for Tesla


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