The Early Plan to Fight COVID with the Polio Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has scientists considering a few less-conventional options while vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 are being developed. One option might be the oral #polio #vaccine. We chatted with one of the researchers proposing the idea—Dr. Robert Gallo—to understand why a vaccine that hasn’t been used in the US for two decades might provide short-term protection against this #coronavirus.

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Executive Producers:
George Zaidan
Hilary Hudson

Andrew Sobey
Elaine Seward

Samantha Jones, PhD

Scientific consultants:
Stosh Ozog, PhD
Victor Nizet, PhD
Robert Gallo, PhD
Lelia Duman, PhD
Brianne Raccor, PhD

Special Thanks:
Ruben Rodriguez

Guard Dog:


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