Sperm whale | Ocean Literacy | FuseSchool

Sperm whale | Ocean Literacy | FuseSchool

The sperm whale is definitely one of the coolest creatures on Earth.
First of all, it is the largest carnivore on Earth. The females are typically around 20m long while the big bull males can be up to 25m long.
Secondly, they are the loudest animal on Earth. Sperm whales clicks of up to 240 decibels have been recorded in the ocean; this sound is 1200 times more powerful than the sound from roadworks!
Finally, sperm whales hold the world record for having the biggest brains on Earth – almost half a metre across! And because it has the same cell density as well as deep grooves and furrows, scientists think that sperm whales might be more intelligent than humans but in a way that we don’t understand.

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Animation & Design: Bing Rijper
Narration: Russell Arnott
Script: Russell Arnott russell.arnott@incredibleoceans.org

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