SpaceX Starship Fully Stacked For The FIRST Time, Encounters BIG Problem!

SpaceX Starship Fully Stacked For The FIRST Time, Encounters BIG Problem!
SpaceX finally created the most powerful spaceship in the world. It shook everyone when it stacked both stages of Starship on top of booster 7. But this success came with its fair share of troubles that led this incredible mission to be postponed.
What were the problems in Ship 24?
Will this new vehicle take over the successful mission of DART?
Now that SpaceX Starship fully stacks for the 1st time in 6 months, we do expect wonders from Space X.
We have no doubts about Musk’s skills. The ingenious mind will soon find a way out to make it the best, but it seems like it might take a few years.
Join us in this video as we unravel all the problems that Ship 24 encountered and Musk’s attempts to make it a success.


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