My Biggest Regret Building a Net Zero Home

Net Zero Home Build: My Biggest Regret Building My New House. The first 100 people to use code UNDECIDED at the link below will get 20% off of Incogni: There are a lot of different paths you can take to get to a net-zero home. Everything from passive homes to earthships to modular and factory built houses. You can retrofit an existing building or you can build a new one. All of the options can make your head spin and there are pros and cons to each of them. In my case, I’m building a new, factory built net zero home with a lot of solar panels, which has been in the planning stages for a while now, but is scheduled to start construction very soon. I thought it would be interesting to share what I’m doing and why my wife and I chose the path we did. So let’s see how we came to our decision … and if I have any regrets so far.

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00:00 – Intro
01:21 – Passive houses
05:16 – Why I’m doing factory built
08:13 – Smart home
08:45 – Is it worth it?
10:58 – What about a retrofit?
12:37 – Regrets?

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