How to Make Electronic Skin with Stanford’s Zhenan Bao—Speaking of Chemistry Road Trip

The Speaking of Chemistry California road trip continues as we scope out some cutting-edge, flexible electronics at Stanford University. Don’t forget to subscribe!
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Stanford’s Zhenan Bao and her research team are developing electronics that could revolutionize wearables and prosthetics. In this episode, Matt Davenport and Noel Waghorn get a glimpse behind the scenes at Stanford and learn how Zhenan’s past at the historic Bell Labs is helping her create futuristic materials.

Artificial Skin Transmits Signals To Neurons | C&EN

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Self-Healing Plastic ‘Skin’ Points Way to New Prosthetics | Science

Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards: Zhenan Bao | C&EN

The list of allegations against Schön that we show is from:
The full report from Lucent can be found here:

And a quick note for anyone keeping score at home: Work at Bell Labs has earned a total of eight Nobel Prizes, shared amongst 14 Laureates, according to

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