How to Fry a Thanksgiving Turkey Without Burning Your House Down

This week Reactions is looking into the chemistry behind deep fried turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. There’s a lot of science that goes into cooking that bird. But before you whip out that deep fryer, you’re going to want to watch this video. Today we’re bringing you the do’s and don’ts of turkey frying, all the better to help you not burn your house down this year.

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Diane Bunce, Ph.D.
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On Deep Frying oils –

Smoke Point –

How Deep Frying Cooks a food –

Cooking Oils –

Cool Guide on how to use different oils –

How to Deep Fry A Turkey W/O Killing Yourself –

Turkey Fry Safety –

Autoignition of cooking oils –

Flavors in Frying –

Polarity of water and oil –

Maillard Reaction Infographic –

The Science of Deep Frying –

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Steam is 1700 times original volume of water:


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