How to Cookie with Science

This week Reactions is baking up some cookie chemistry. Science can help us make that perfect chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookies are nearly universally adored. People like them in all sorts of textures, sizes and tastes. So how can you make your perfect cookie? Using science, of course. October 1 is National Homemade Cookies Day, so for this week’s Reactions episode, we partnered with Science News magazine’s Bethany Brookshire (@scicurious) to take a bite out of baking with the scientific method.

You can find the scientific data of all the cookies in this episode here:

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For more information on the science of cookie baking, check out Bethany’s massive cookie study here:

For more about ChemClubs, check out this website:

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Elaine Seward

Sam Lemonick

Executive Producer:
Adam Dylewski

Scientific consultants:
Bethany Brookshire, Ph.D
Darcy Gentleman, Ph.D.
Sophia Cai


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