How Miracle Berries Alter Your Taste Buds (feat. @physicsgirl @eons @TwoCentsPBS @pbsspacetime)

We gave Physics Girl, Space Time, Above the Noise, and Two Cents some miracle berry pills and lemons, tabasco sauce, tomatoes, and a bunch of other random foods, to figure out if this miraculous taste-modifying protein has any limits. Also, we needed a good excuse to make Eon’s host Kallie Moore eat a tomato.


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Producer: Melissa Salpietra
Host/Writer: George Zaidan
Scientific Consultants: Steven D. Munger, Ph.D., Yuzo Ninomiya, Ph.D.

Executive Producer: George Zaidan
Executive Producer: Hilary Hudson

Bongo Madness
Alandra Lightflower Jones – Strike it up


Mechanism of the Action of Taste-modifying Protein

Human sweet taste receptor mediates acid-induced sweetness of miraculin

Intracellular acidification is required for full activation of the sweet taste receptor by miraculin

Sour-To-Sweet Miracle Mechanism Revealed

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