How is Whiskey Made? A Deeper Dive Into Distilling.

Have you ever wanted to make your own bourbon? Don’t! The process might be relatively simple- heat a fermented liquid and keep only the boiled alcohol – but it is dangerous and illegal without a license. This video discusses how to separate one type of liquid from a slurry of others through boiling points and the intermolecular forces that influence them.

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Executive Producers:
Hilary Hudson

Elaine Seward
Andrew Sobey
Darren Weaver

Sophia Roberts

Scientific consultants:
Leila Duman, PhD
William Parsons, OhD
Brianne Raccor, PhD
James Chickos, PhD





10.22: Distillation

3.S: Functional Groups (Summary)

8.14: Alcohols

2.11: Intermolecular Forces and Relative Boiling Points (bp)


Overview of Distilled Spirits

6 – Chemical Constituents of Grapes and Wine

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