How Does Our Ocean Affect Our Climate?

This World Ocean Day, FuseSchool & Incredible Oceans will be exploring the link between our ocean and climate in this month’s livestream. Join oceanographer Russell Arnott and earth scientist Sophia Bolton as we explore our ocean, our climate and what you can do to get involved with climate activism. The session will end with a live Question and Answer session so get those questions ready!

FuseSchool is an education charity that empowers learners around the globe by giving them access to free education. With almost half a million subscribers to their YouTube channel, FuseSchool produces stylish and impactful animated videos for every science topic.

Incredible Oceans is an educational non-profit organisation that combines robust science with impactful creativity to engage audiences of all ages and demographics about our ocean and the creatures within.

Watch FuseSchool videos about Climate Change
Climate change and the natural greenhouse effect:
Climate change and the enhanced greenhouse effect:

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