How Do We Demo a Building Without Exploding Everything Around It?

How do you demolish a massive building – in the middle of a populated city – in a matter of seconds… safely? Counterintuitively, you do it with explosives. We explore how chemistry, engineering, and more than a little artistry come together to safely bring down massive structures.

#implosion #controlledDemolition #dynamite #nitroglycerine

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Executive Producers:
Hilary Hudson

Elaine Seward
Andrew Sobey
Darren Weaver

George Zaidan

Scientific consultants:
Michelle Boucher, PhD
Brent Blanchard
Jacqueline Akhavan, PhD
Brianne Raccor, PhD

Executive in Charge for PBS:
Maribel Lopez

Associate Director of Programming for PBS:
Niki Walker

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