How Do Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work?

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Hydrogen fuel cell cars seem great: hydrogen and oxygen in, nothing but water out. But if that hydrogen comes from dirty, carbon-emission spewing power plants, your sustainable car might not be so green after all. #fuelcell #electriccars #emissions

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Alex Dainis, PhD

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How internal combustion engines work,inturnrotatesthecrankshaft.&text=Afterthepistoncompressesthe,pistonduringthepowerstroke.,inturnrotatesthecrankshaft.&text=Afterthepistoncompressesthe,pistonduringthepowerstroke.

Hydrogen combustion engines

Fuel cell chemistry

Natural gas reforming

96% of hydrogen made from fossil fuels

The production of hydrogen for all kinds of industries, not just fuel cells, is responsible for 830 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year

Energy production more efficient at a central plant,theefficiencyofthesevehicles.&text=Aninternalcombustionenginein,energysimplylostasheat.

EV more efficient than fuel cell

Benefits of hydrogen powered cars

Green methods of producing hydrogen,watersplittingusingthermochemicalsteps

What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source?

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