How Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

The labels always read, “Kills 99.99% of Germs!” but does the science of hand sanitizers back it up? Today Reactions takes a closer look at the chemistry of what this goo is made of, and just how effective it really is against viruses and bacteria.Yay chemistry!

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Producer: Kirk Zamieroski

Writer: Alexa Billow

Executive Producer:
Adam Dylewski

Scientific consultants:
John M. Newsam, Ph.D.

Narrator/Fact Checker
Kyle Nackers


Ever wonder why dogs sniff each others’ butts? Or how Adderall works? Or whether it’s OK to pee in the pool? We’ve got you covered: Reactions a web series about the chemistry that surrounds you every day.

Reactions is produced by the American Chemical Society.

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