How Big Can You Make a Passive House?

Exploring how big you can make a passive house. To get an Autel MaxiCharger for your EV, go to: Recently I’ve talked about the new net zero, passive home I’m building, but not all net zero buildings have to be homes or houses. The same net zero, passive house construction principles can be scaled up to large buildings like offices and apartment buildings. In fact, I had a chance to visit the first net zero energy hotel, that’s going to be passive house certified, in the United States. There are some really creative concepts at work, and a few that really surprised me.

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00:00 – Intro
01:59 – Hotel Marcel’s History
02:51 – Energy Storage/Production
06:14 – Can It Be Net Zero?
07:52 – Insulation & Air Tightness
11:18 – Digital Electricity
13:08 – Sound Proofing
14:18 – Regen Braking Elevators
15:04 – Was It Worth It?

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