How AI Robot Will TAKE OVER The World In 5 Years

How AI Robot Will TAKE OVER The World In 5 Years
Elon Musk has revealed his greatest fear for the future – artificial intelligence! This is serious because we know Musk is not afraid to predict the future or be scared of anything. But then what exactly is Musk worried about? In today’s video, we’ll discuss what’s bothering Musk and how he intends to save the planet. But, before we get into his proposed solutions, let’s talk about why he sees AI as a danger.
The concept is that if AI becomes too dominant, it will be dangerous to society beyond the handful of individuals who have access to it, hence they aim to protect mankind by developing an implanted neural laces system.
One day, Neuralink will allow you to upgrade your brain anytime without needing surgery or other major medical procedures.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Adopting AI Is Like “Summoning the Demon”
2:17 – The Future Of Humanity Is In Danger
4:14 – Security, Privacy, and the Rise of “Deep Fakes”
5:45 – What is Neuralink?
7:02 – The Impact of Neuralink on the World
8:41 – Merging with AI


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