“Great Britain Will Destroy Russia!” According To Elon Musk

“Great Britain Will Destroy Russia!” According To Elon Musk
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Russia’s aerospace industry is considered the oldest and at one time, the most sophisticated in the entire world. However, things have been on a nosedive since the current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, took power in 2012, and it’s about to get even worse as Britain makes a move that Elon Musk warns will destroy Russia.
The United Kingdom joined the United States and the European Union in announcing fresh sanctions against Russia’s central bank. They have prohibited British citizens and corporations from dealing with Russia’s central bank, finance ministry, and wealth funds. Why are the USA and UK important here specifically? Because they are the homes of Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson respectively, two of the world’s most important aerospace entrepreneurs.
They have to abide by the rules of these sanctions, and that most definitely means no business with Russia or anything from Russia. Such a restriction is important to note as the Russian space program is the oldest in the world and their vast treasure troves of experience from the Soviet era have been invaluable to SpaceX and Virgin Galactic engineers.


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