Elon Musk REVEALED The Most TERRIFYING Ticking Bomb!

Elon Musk REVEALED The Most TERRIFYING Ticking Bomb!
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Elon Musk’s Starlink’s satellites have fallen out of orbit recently. This happened due to an unprecedented event known as a geomagnetic storm. These uncontrollable and totally random storms attack with little to no warning beforehand and usually cause damage to satellites and even electronics on Earth. An especially large geomagnetic storm can completely lay waste to all current outer space infrastructure and destroy much of SpaceX’s satellites, not to mention everyone else’s. More specifically, geomagnetic storms affect areas of communication, location services, outer space human activity, and obviously satellite hardware. The occurrence of a geomagnetic storm can be especially harmful to astronauts in outer space as they will receive large doses of radiation, which can often be fatal. Space exploration going forward has to reckon with this natural disaster.


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