Elon Musk & NASA FINALLY Reveals New Light Speed Engine That Defies Physics!

Elon Musk & NASA FINALLY Reveals New Light Speed Engine That Defies Physics!
After years of experimentation, Elon Musk and NASA have revealed a light-speed engine faster than anything ever seen in the aerospace industry.
Musk and NASA have been partnering with each other for some time now in their shared ambition of exploring the depths of space. With the successful testing of this new engine, they are a step closer to making their ambition a reality. But what makes this engine different from the rest? Can it survive the meteorite ordeal and make a successful trip to Mars?
There are differing opinions in the science community about the potential of the new light-speed engine, and here is why.

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – The Problem With Space Travel
2:37 – The Potential Of The New Engine
4:51 – The Setbacks Of The Engine


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