Elon Musk FINALLY REVEALS The Tesla Roadster πŸ”₯

Elon Musk FINALLY REVEALS The Tesla Roadster πŸ”₯
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According to designers, the Roadster features 6% components overlap with the Lotus Elise, a 2-inch larger wheelbase, and a somewhat stronger chassis.
To save weight, Tesla’s designers utilized resin transfer molded carbon fiber composite for the body panels. As a result, the Roadster is one of the least priced vehicles with a full carbon fiber skin.
In over 30 countries, Tesla sold roughly 2,450 Roadsters.
During the fourth quarter of 2012, the majority of the final Roadsters were sold in Europe and Asia.
Since early 2010, Tesla has been producing right-hand-drive Roadsters. In numerous countries, the Roadster was eligible for government subsidies.
In the March 2010 print edition of British enthusiast magazine EVO (p. 120), editor Richard Meaden was the first to review the all-new right-hand-drive version of the Roadster.

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