Does Melatonin Do Anything?

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Melatonin is a supplement that’s supposed to help you sleep. But does it work? What’s the chemistry of this sleep aid? This week on Reactions, we go into the chemistry of melatonin and the realities of supplements.


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Producer: Elaine Seward

Writer: Alexa Billow

Scientific Consultants: Michael J. Sateia, M.D. and Michelle Boucher, Ph.D.

Executive Producer: George Zaidan

Fact Checkers: Kyle Nackers and Alison Le

Pure Natural – Touch Me
Roberto Daglio – Com Todo Meu Amor


Ever wonder why dogs sniff each others’ butts? Or how Adderall works? Or whether it’s OK to pee in the pool? We’ve got you covered: Reactions a web series about the chemistry that surrounds you every day.

Produced by the American Chemical Society.

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