Do Your Dog’s Paws Smell Like Fritos?

Do your dog’s paws smell like Fritos? This week we explore why. #fritopaws #cornchippaws #cheetopaws #dogpaws

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Proteus Mirabilis Infections

Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Healthcare Settings

Use of 2-aminoacetophenone production in identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Androscoggin Animal Hospital,nothingtobeconcernedabout.&text=Whenitcomestothe,createayeastysmell.

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Take a sniff of your dog’s paws. Smell like corn chips? Here’s why

This Is Why Your Dog’s Paws Smell Like Fritos

Arlington Animal Hospital

Which Bacteria Smell Like Tortillas, Flowers, or Delicious Browned Butter?

Lab 12: Isolation and Identification of Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonas, Part 1

Why Do Your Dog’s Feet Smell Like Popcorn?

Sniffing The Feet For Infection

In-vitro diagnosis of single and poly microbial species targeted for diabetic foot infection using e-nose technology

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