Death and Decomposition

Are humans destroying the circle of life? #decomposition #death #burial #ecosystem
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Executive Producers:
George Zaidan
Hilary Hudson

Elaine Seward
Andrew Sobey
Darren Weaver
Andy Adkins

Sam Jones, PhD
Andy Adkins

Scientific consultants:
Michelle Boucher, PhD
Brianne Raccor, PhD
Sasha Voss, PhD
Danny Wescott, PhD

Identifying human diamine sensors for death related putrescine and cadaverine molecules

Putrescine and cadaverine

Biochemistry Changes That Occur after Death: Potential Markers for Determining Post-Mortem Interval,by96hourspostmortem.

A greener way to go: what’s the most eco-friendly way to dispose of a body?

More People Want a Green Burial, but Cemetery Law Hasn’t Caught Up,burialtogainafoothold.

Thinking About Having a ‘Green’ Funeral? Here’s What to Know

Scientists search for death’s aroma

Recycling the dead


Life after death: the science of human decomposition

Modeling a cadaver decomp island

The science of human decay

Cadaver decomposition in terrestrial ecosystems

Human versus animal: contrasting decomposition dynamics of mammalian analogues in experimental taphonomy

The Chemistry Decomposition in Human Corpses

Postmortem Changes

Burial & cremation rates in US,up8.1from2015).

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