Citrus Scent DEBUNKED!

So we really messed up on this one. Even we can have a difficult time with R and S Limonene! We appreciate your patience with this video and here it is for the final time. Rest assured everything in here is accurate and correct.

We messed up! A while ago we made a Facebook post about how the mirror-image forms of limonene create the smell of oranges and lemons — but it turns out we fell for a really persistent myth. So we wanted to clear it up! Here’s the lemony-fresh truth about the scent of citrus.


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Producer: Kirk Zamieroski
Writer: Emma Hiolski
Scientific Consultants: Michelle Boucher, PhD Brianne Raccor, PhD Robert Shellie, PhD
Executive Producer: Hilary Hudson

Alandra Jones – Strike it up


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Produced by the American Chemical Society.

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