Cartoon Chemistry!

Are bananas actually that slippery? Could spinach give you superhuman strength? And what the heck is Toon Acid? This week, watch some cartoons alongside our writer and host, Sam Jones, and learn whether their chemistry checks out.


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Producer: Andrew Sobey
Writer: Samantha Jones, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultants: Joe Schwarcz, Ph.D. Michael Swain, Ph.D., Leila Duman, Ph.D. Brianne Raccor, Ph.D.

Executive Producer: George Zaidan
Executive Producer: Hilary Hudson

Steven B. Shapiro—Clown Town

Who Framed Roger Rabbit behind the scenes

Vitamin deficiencies

NIH vitamin A fact sheet

Friction and other aspects of the surface behavior of woven fabrics

Ig Nobel for banana slipping

Frictional coefficient under banana skin

The half-life of facts

The popeye spinach legend was fake

Iron in spinach

Was the “decimal point error” real?


How the spinach, Popeye and iron decimal point error myth was finally bust

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