Can Science Make Less Addictive Opioids?

Will we ever have painkillers as good as opioids, but without the risk of addiction and overdose?

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Opioid toxicity

Opioid overdoses–world stats,Worldwideabout0.5milliondeathsareattributabletodruguse,ofopioidoverdosein2017

Opioid death rates in the US,in2018with46802deaths.

Inside the Story of America’s 19th-Century Opiate Addiction

Abuse-deterrent opioids

NIH solicits research into vaccines that protect against opioid use

Vaccines against addictive drugs push forward despite past failures

Looking beyond opioids for safer pain relief

Opioid abuse timeline (FDA)

Overdose death rates,in2018with46802deaths.


God’s Own Medicine




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Structure of ibuprofen bound to COX-2

Use of Oxycodone in Pain Management,marketin1996(2).

Overcoming opioids: The quest for less addictive drugs

Rats prefer sugar to heroin

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Frontline PBS: Opium throughout history

The Ongoing Opioid Prescription Epidemic: Historical Context

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Death Tolls

Overdose Increases


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