BMW v Audi v Tesla v Kia: DRAG RACE

Thanks to @bcracing_uk for lending us their Tesla Model 3:
Thanks to @t800gsc for lending us their Audi RS e-tron GT:
Thanks to for lending us their Tesla Model X.

It’s time for a mega five-way electric car drag race!

We’ve got some of the hottest EVs from Tesla, BMW, Audi and Kia(!) going head-to-head over the quarter-mile to see which is quickest!

So let’s see how these EVs compare. Starting with Teslas, we’ve got our hands on the Model 3 Performance and Model X Performance. The Model 3 has dual electric motors which combine to produce 460hp and 660Nm. It weighs in at 1,844kg and costs around £61,000.

As for the Model X, it also comes with dual electric motors which can put down 778hp and 1,140Nm. It’s a whole lot heavier than the Model 3, at 2,485kg, and it costs around £101,000.

The BMW is the iX M60. It’s also equipped with two electric motors that can produce 619hp and 1,100Nm. It’s the heaviest car in this line-up, at 2,584kg, and it’s also the most expensive, costing £117,000!

We’ve also got our hands on Audi’s most powerful car, the RS e-tron GT. With two electric motors, it can put down 646hp and 830Nm. But despite not being an SUV it’s still pretty heavy, coming in at 2,347kg. A new one will cost £115,000.

And then finally we have the Kia EV6 GT. Its dual electric motors can put down 585hp and 740Nm. It tips the scales at 2,200kg, and it costs a similar amount to the Model 3, at £62,500.

So the Model X Performance has the most power, so it should be an easy victory, right?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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