water Car: water fuel, water gas, hydrogen technology, alternative fuel source

Water car uses hydrogen technology to convert an ordinary gas consuming vehicle into a
lean,clean, water burning machine. Run auto with water, hho, & water 4 fuel is grabbing the
attention of the masses. Perhaps its the safe, reliable, cheap and environmentally friendly
fuel source that is stacking the deck in its favor. It wasn’t that long ago that
running your car with water was predicted as a long shot, at best. However, in no time flat,
we’ve seen a change in popular opinion regarding alternative fuel. Maybe its the revolutionary
technology of water fuel that is converting popular opinion. Or perhaps its the ability to convert 99.9% of all
automobiles with no engine modification that’s “fueling” the paradigm shift. But I’ll wager
it’s the better gas mileage and the lower auto gas bill that’s got everyone giddy with
excitement. Whatever the case maybe, run auto with H2O time has come & will not be ignored!

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