Sheriff’s Hydrogen On Demand Test Vehicle REPORT

Burnt wires, leaks and bad gas mileage. Television Station WPTV Channel 5 out of West Palm Beach investigated hydrogen and it’s use with ONE Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s Department vehicle. This video represents only one trial and in no way represents the use or experimentation of on-demand hydrogen.

Hydrogen in vehicles will work, but it’s a delicate match. Once fine tuned, it won’t fail. I’ve worked with a mechanic out at the airport with various ideals on how he is gonna run his system but I couldn’t wait and threw a system together and slapped in onto my car. Makes plenty of hydrogen but gets hot after an hour. (May need to tune down the power to it after it starts heating up which will still create the same amount of hydrogen and oxygen with less voltage.) I will run another video if anyone is interested in my findings. One hint is the O2 sensor combined with the mass air-flow sensor needs to be addressed. I uses a variable resistor (potentiometer [[like a knob on a radio]]) in by my drivers side to adjust the air flow. It works, I can starve the car of air and choke it out until it stalls. So that works. But the O2 (oxygen) sensors is another problem. I’m thinking about putting O2 sensor extenders in. I’ve tried one but it was too short. You can’t just bypass the sensor or ignore it. Because the computer will take over and run way to rich.

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