Instant Hydrogen Gas to Run Your Car on Water Part 1

“The first process shown to us by Rothman Technologies uses water, salt, and an extremely inexpensive metal alloy. The gas that results from this process is pure hydrogen, a fuel that burns without the need for external oxygen — and gives off no pollution whatsoever.

The primary owner of Rothman Technologies is a man who holds about fifty Patents Pending on a variety of mechanical devices, chemical compounds, novelties, and fuels. But it is his invention for using a metal alloy to break down the water molecule that is of interest to us here.

Comoros, Moroni (on Grande Comoro)
Mandurah, Victoria
Somalia, Mogadishu
Topeka, Kansas
Shreveport, Louisiana
Russia, Moscow
Venezuela, Caracas
Al Masafirah, United Arab Emirates, Al Masafirah, UAE
Syria, Damascus
Hungary, Budapest

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