hydrogen cars=future

There is many things to come into our future and progress equals success while greed equals stupidity
I know this may sound kind of huh what am I saying me a man running for president saying greed equals stupidity well I sorry it does for the greedier you become the more stupid you are the old saying you have to have money to make money is true except if you hoard that money the poorer you become so how and why am I saying all this simple
We need to convert our auto system from an oil base system to a hydrogen base system and the real and only problem is convient of the fuel base
Now lets look at the answer to this you oil men zerox was in the coping business one of their employees came to them with a computer language he showed them it and their answer was that they were in copier industry not computer business so they turned his idea away today how much do zerox pay Microsoft for that program to run their copiers how much every day does zerox pay someone for what was theirs and they threw it away
Well now you oil people who now have the market cornered are you all ready to make even a bigger mistake even a bigger blunder the zerox or are you ready to take control of you future yes I mean are we ready as a nation to take full control of our economic future as it stands right now where the oil is that is where the control is where as converting to hydrogen where water is there is the real control of the future
Dont look for shortcuts or easy steps look for doing it right and completely and the countries that control oil will have oil and the United States of America and the rest of the world each and every country will have control of their own future
So we can be like zerox and destroy our self or like Microsoft and go for the future
This should give you all an idea about me and where I stand I am not greedy nor am I stupid but I do know where the past leads us to history the future is in the other direction and that is where we will go
Remember what I say
Dont think republican
Dont think democratic

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