How To Build a Hydrogen Generator For Your Car Part 2

Building a hydrogen generator is very simple. Add distilled water with electrolyte in it to a container which needs to be installed in the engine compartment. The containers need to get vacuum lines and electricity from the engine and it will product HHO.

Engines with a computer in them will need to be tuned in order to get maximum performance from them. That is it, which was a general idea of how the system works. If you are thinking that it will cost you a fortune to set up a hydrogen generator, think again. With the right information you would only need to spend very little money to install the device in your car, thereby reducing the consumption of gas. There are specific instructions available on the internet that will provide more detailed instructions.

Build a hydrogen generator in your vehicles both personal and work vehicles and you will thrive in these economic times. A vehicle with a 1.9L turbo engine was able to get 60 MPG or more after it had a hydrogen generator installed in it.

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