How To Build a Hydrogen Generator For Your Car Part 1

With the economy in the situation we find it a lot of us are trying to find avenues to trim the so called fat on our expenses, both personal and work. The biggest hit on our expenses comes at the gas pump. With gas prices at an elevated price and no sight of them coming down is there something to get more and more miles per gallon out of our vehicles. This can be accomplished by installing a hydrogen generator in your vehicle. This brings up the question of how to build a hydrogen generator?

In order to build a hydrogen generator one must have an understanding of how the process works. Hydrogen generators take water and separate it into HHO, which is a gas comprising of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This gas burns beautifully, producing a large quantity of energy and it is by product is only water. You can build a hydrogen generator in any kind of internal combustion engine this includes new cars, old cars, recreational vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and even semi trucks.

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