How Hydrogen Powered Cars Work Part 3

The Booster.

The technology of the water car is basically simple. An electric voltage is applied across stainless steel plates suspended in water. This forces the oxygen and the hydrogen to separate (the water molecule is H2O, two hydrogen atoms and, one oxygen atom). This produces a gas commonly known as hho gas, brown’s gas, or Hydroxy.

This hho gas is fed into the engine via the carburettor in a standard petrol engine. The hho gas mixes with the gasoline and is ignited by the spark plugs in the normal way. The hho gas is produced on demand as required by the engine so there is no need to have to carry a tank full of hydrogen as is the method chosen by the car manufacturers. Some electric circuitry is also necessary.

Vehicles with diesel engines and fuel injection systems can also be fitted with a booster, again extra circuitry is required. Before attempting to make and fit a booster to your vehicle it is vital that you have a full understanding of how this technology works. Unless you are a motor mechanic it is likely that you will need professional assistance.

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