How Hydrogen Powered Cars Work Part 1

After the item ready, you just need to install it in your car.

More and more people are converting their cars to run on part gasoline and part water. These hybrid cars are often called water powered cars, water cars, water fuel cars, water power cars. These descriptions give the impression that the cars are powered by one hundred percent water, they are not. These water assisted vehicles use hydrogen to supplement the gasoline in your car engine.

The beginning of the water assisted car.

The first water powered car was invented by a Isaac de Rivas, a Swiss inventor, in 1805. Since then many other people have reinvented the water powered vehicle such as Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir, Henry Garrett, Michael A. Peavey, Carl Cella, Stan Meyers and Bob Boyce to name but a few of many.

Now we have a guy named Ozzie Freedom who is promoting the water assisted car. Will he have any more success than his predecessors. He first started to experiment with hydrogen to power engines back in 1983 based on old forgotten US Patents, belonging to Bill and Tom Lang of Gulf Laboratories, USA. Later he wrote an eBook that gave complete details of how the average person could convert their vehicle to run on part water part gasoline and reduce their costs.

He has sold many thousands of copies of this eBook. Encouraged by these sales he now wants to actively promote the concept of the water car to a larger target audience. With the help of his company’s technical director, Ari Cohen, Ozzie is attempting to educate the automotive industry and the public at large about the benefits of the hydrogen on demand technology. The device used to implement this technology is known as a booster.

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