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He didn’t make it through the first part. Go watch Esoteric Agenda. And refute that shit.
on youtube/youtube page Commenti sul canale (330152) mrUniversalMetaphysc said: In Tunisia, the West, which praises Islamist chose suicide – 25/10/2011 Magdi Cristiano of”ioamolitaliavideo” [/watch?v=DicFmaqK1s8]If there was a moderate Islam? Then there is also freedom of religion and equality of all citizens before the law! but, there is not the concept of political alternation, because they have the absolute truth and therefore can not let to Satan: ie, (blasphemy apostasy: to Christians idolaters) a perspective of political alternation .. the Satanism of this Qur’anic Islam? is worse than the Nazis! (this is the conclusion who want make to reach to us, the enlightened: to justify the 3 rd WWnuclear, in fact, 1. the victory of the Muslim brothers: 2. make many Christian martyrs? this belongs: at the Masonic Jewish calendar seigniorage bank: IMF-world Order, to impose their religion of Lucifer(666+322) as a world religion
Holy JHWH santo♔* halleluija! Glory to God forever!
No one can be the my friend: on the: “lorenzojhwh: channel” that is: the King of Israel and the Metaphysical: dominus UNIUS REI: ie, the only hope for survival of human races: first of this imminent 3rd WW nuclear and against NWO-IMF: and his occult powers: of Satanism and Freemasonry and of banking seigniorage, that, in this server, definitely, were been and are been defeated: always by me for all these years. if, he not says: of recognize my authority: political and theological: ie, my kingdom of universal brotherhood: on all mankind
@ jews – if, Because of Their cursed prophet Muhammad, Sharia That is, indeed, a threat: universal, terrible Against all the peoples! we will have to kill all Muslims? Then, it is However, the essential alliance: between: Jews and Christians: But, was the synagogue of Satan of enlightened, who always kept us Divided: into reality. Because: it is the scribes and Pharisees with of the Talmud, namely: is the time of the Deportation of Babylon, That this synagogue of Satan: Took control: of the Jewish people! So, Are They That have to killing: Zerubbabel and Jesus, Were not Jews, but the Satanists! Why,Satanists enlightened have the control of seigniorage banking for Their agenda: ie: New Age masonic luciferism: ie, Marduk, Baal, or owl at the Bohemian Grove
Commento al tuo video: Palestinian child abducted by satan synagoghe vs miracula Rei Unius
nsa04 said: fuck you Zionists. I swear of god we’ll come to Palestine to ENSLAVING YOU AS WHAT NEBUCHADNEZZAR DID TO YOU.. –ANSWER-BUT, you Muslims? You kill 300: Christian martyrs, innocent, every day, is your total for that shit: of your Prophet cursed! So, then, we came us: Christians to do to you: what, you want to do to the Jews! hypocritical: “heal thyself!”. It would be too easy for me to insult all religions, and all the institutions, and all the people … but, as I could be their redemption: in this way? mistreat people? is not what God wants from me! .. so, I will be aggressive, alone, against my enemies! Why, no an man of meat, must stand with pride: against the Kingdom of God: that: it is inside me .. it has been established that: “Every door will be wide open in front of Rei unius” .. because: I look the understanding and the subjugation of all peoples for me.. In fact, I’m the new “International Monetary Fund” .. I gift all money to all Governments .. still, is why, all taxes disappear from over the planet! Satan does not deceive even further, with his lies: all peoples, all religions: all institutions: for to predict and to destroy all them! if the way of holiness is not easy? .. However, it should not be denied [[ vergognati Raffaella Carrà ]] giovedì 13 novembre 2008: c’era Satana su: Rai 1 “Satana, Satana…portami con te all’inferno…”. cantava e ballava per satana Raffaella Carrà:Tu andrai da satana: ma, questo? “non ti piacerà”.. eros(lussuria): è: thanatos(morte): per tutti quelli che non sanno controllare la loro lussuria.. quanto è più pericoloso di tutto il satanismo: che: dice:”sei libero da ogni tabù e dogma con satana!”. Poi si finisce come sacrificio umano sull’altare dei satanisti.. è inevitabile una fine drammatica: e ignominiosa: comunque! massoneria satanismo ed il signoraggio bancario: di cui sono espressione sono anticostituzionali! Raffaella Carrà: pubblicamente e con risalto televisivo: con le ginocchie insanguinate: per striscire in piazza di San Pietro: devi implorare il perdono del Papa.. non puoi venire fuori da questa brutta storia con una confessione privata! non ti lasciare ingannare da uno dei tanti vescovi eretici modernisti: perché anche loro non hanno una speranza.. tu hai sputato sul sacrificio della CROCE: sulla tua unica speranza tu hai sputato! e poiché non sei ancora morta? ecco perché: Dio vuole perdonarti: ancora!

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