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Nissan Terra hydrogen fuel cell SUV concept

This concept will be unveiled at the Paris motor show. For more news about green cars, mostly electrics and hybrids, go to

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Cars- A new Technology

Man is free to take advantage of technology and this is one way to develop new ideas that can further benefit mankind. The car featured in the auto show was designed to disseminate intelligence. The sources are from various cross-media about security and traffic. The car can continuously dialog with the city, other vehicles, and the road without restraining the autonomy of motorists. The outside appearance of the car is similar to that of todays sports cars but the aerodynamic exterior makes it very much different. It has a unique concept called liquid packaging. What caught the attention of the audiences are the four fuel cells. The manufacturer called it Quaddrivium Fuel Cells.

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H2O HHO in CARs 27di33 Cell GENERADOR Hydrogen Electrolyzer Combustion Engine.flv

[gas of Brown] The Water Engine Stan Mayer. scienzadiconfine. The European car travels 184 Km, with 4 liters of water. Stan Mayer has seen the second best inventor of the century, after Tesla. … but the true inventor is Brown, before his death (sic..) had made​​: a car completely: to water in Russia, with 3 liters had traveled 1,600 km. Obviously, since this technology remained segregated for years because they, too cumbersome, the multinationals, the oil, it is likely that more people have rediscovered and implemented in different ways, as if it speaks, in this article. Besides studies, sull’HHO born, even before Brown, but he is recognized, the name of the gas, because, it helps a lot in this area.

[gas of Brown] Le foto mostrano il kit Single Cell HHOMonster installato su di una vettura KIA con motore diesel Common Rail da 2900 cc. Nel cofano hanno trovato posto la cella HHO e il serbatoio mentre nell’ abitacolo sono stati collocati il PWM e relativo display di controllo. L’ auto ha mostrato subito dei cambiamenti in termini di prestazioni, come maggior ripresa ed elasticità. In questo momento sta testando i consumi su percorso misto autostrada/urbano. Tra breve i risultati.
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Hydrogen Generator HHO Fuel Cell Brown Gas

Make Your Car ,Bikes & Boats Hybrids
Hydrogen Generator HHO Fuel Cell Brown Gas

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Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE – english

The Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE joins a bunch of other environmentally friendly sports cars out today.


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Hydrogen fuel cell working bare open govsecret Hydrogen fuel cell working bare open govsecret
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars on display, cool technology

Watch some high tech hydrogen fuel cell cars on display in a street expo. Very cool!

If you’d like to build your own HHO system, great plans are to be found at

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Horizon H-cell 2.0 Hydrogen electric Team Associated R/C B4.1 Buggy by Energy Riggs

Horizon H-cell 2.0 Hydrogen electric R/C Team Associated B4.1 Buggy by Energy Riggs in Austin TX 2012
This is one of the few off-road hydrogen/electric r/c cars we know of to date. The first run here went great.

Check out if interested in purchasing

The same companies’ fuel cells that are in this r/c car are in this full size car:

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liquid hydrogen for cars and ships استعمال الهيدروجين السائل كوقود للسيارات و السفن

using liquid hydrogen as fuel in cars and ships is almost a reality now , but there is still so much work needs to be done in the infrastructure of delivering and refueling vehicles , in the video you will see some of the work done in this field
في وقتنا هذا اصبحت سيارات و سفن تعمل على الهيدروجين السائل بدل البنزين , لم تعد نظرية فقط , لكن هناك الكثير من ما يجب انجازه كي يمكن تخزين و تعبئة الهيدروجين في السيارات , كما نفعل في البنزين , المزيد في الفيديو

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